sexta-feira, janeiro 20, 2006

Parlamento Europeu condena homofobia

O Parlamento Europeu convidou os Estados-Membros a velarem por que as pessoas lésbicas, gays, bissexuais e transexuais sejam protegidas dos discursos de ódio e das violências homófobas e a agirem para que os parceiros do mesmo sexo gozem do mesmo respeito, da mesma dignidade e da mesma protecção que o resto da sociedade.

Following "a series of worrying events which has recently taken place in a number of EU Member States, (...) from banning gay pride or equality marches to leading political and religious leaders' inflammatory/hate/threatening language (...)", MEPs strongly condemn discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. (...) The Commission is also asked to put forward proposals guaranteeing the freedom of movement of "EU citizens and their family members and registered partners of either gender". (...) EU countries should also enact legislation to end discrimination faced by same-sex partners as regards inheritance rights, property arrangements, tenancy, pensions, tax, social security. Finally, Parliament urges Member States to step up the fight against homophobia through education and to fully recognise homosexuals as targets and victims of the Nazi regime.

Toda a notícia aqui. Mais um instrumento para lutarmos contra a discriminação!


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